Build your ultimate aquarium and water park!

Play Oceanarium World and build your aquarium and water park with a huge selection of fishes, from the famous clownfish to the scary looking great white shark. Keep them happy by feeding them their favourite treats and upgrade their aquarium tank's decoration. You can make their aquarium to be as beautiful as the ocean nature, or make it horror to show more scary vibe, or even fill it with some mythology decorations.

Not only you can display fishes in various type of aquariums, you can also build attractions such as touchpool and ice castle. And do not forget about the visitors. Build multiple yummy food stalls and drink stalls to keep them happy. And a lot of shops of course, so they can buy merchandises. A lot of stuffs can be bought to keep them happy and to make your world more awesome.

Download Oceanarium World and build your ultimate aquarium and water park now!

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